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CONGRATULATIONS...You are One Step Closer to Rapidly Growing your Career, Brand or Business by Leveraging what Warren Buffet considers to be the Most Important Business Skill...Public Speaking and Presentation. If you're ready to Build Your Confidence, Win Any Audience and Explode Your Bank Account...Delatorro is your Coach and Crush The Stage is waiting for You!

Crush the Stage
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The Premiere Masterclass on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills 
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12 Modules over 3-Days of Training:
  • ​Structure a Killer Keynote Presentation A - Z
  • ​Master The Communication Model
  • ​Leverage Audience Psychology
  • ​Building Confidence in Yourself & Your Message
  • ​Delivering Highly Interactive Virtual Presentations
  • ​Develop Rhetorical Sensitivity Skills
  • ​Building NLP into your Speaking for Max Benefit
  • ​Usage Visual Aids, Props and Illustrations Effectively
  • ​Telling your Personal Story & Building a Story Bank
  • ​Teaching using Metaphors & Analogies
  • ​Speaking in Soundbites for Media & Social Media
  • ​Selling your Products & Program from the Stage
Here's The Bonuses You Get
  • Crush the Stage 3-Day Virtual Masterclass Experience... $10,000 Plus...
  • ​Bonus #1 - Crush The Virtual Stage Formula Training...$4,500
  • Bonus #2 - D.F.Y 7-Figure Presentations System...$5,000
  • Bonus #3 - Crush Your Sales Persuasive Presentations Online Course...$3,997
  • ​Bonus #4 - D.F.Y. Million Dollar Messaging Toolkit...$7,500
  • ​Bonus #5 - Follow Up Strategy and Accountability Session...$1,500
  • ​Total Value: $22,497
    Your Investment Only - $4,997*
    *When paid in full

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is the Virtual Crush The Stage equal to the LIVE experience?

    A: Some are saying that because it’s virtual its even BETTER than the live version. From the comfort of your own home office, Delatorro will be pushing you, challenging you, stretching you and helping you cultivate the BEST version of yourself as a speaker. By learning in your own environment you will be able to immediately implement many of the countless lessons that Delatorro will share with you over the 3 life-changing days of Virtual Crush The Stage. Trust us, you will feel like Delatorro is standing in your home office with you the entire time.

    Q: Do I actually speak during VCTS?

    A: Yes. You will speak in small breakout groups and sometimes you will even speak in front of the entire class - if time permits for demonstration and example and hot-seat coaching purposes. Crush The Stage is one of the ONLY Speaker Training programs where you actually will speak during the training!

    Q: Does VCTS help me with crafting my own presentation and actually telling my story?

    A: Absolutely. You’re going to learn Delatorro’s coveted 12-Step BluePrint for Platform Mastery! You will learn 4 modules per day during the training and Delatorro will help you to discover your own unique voice, find your own meaningful message and properly extract, tell and sell your most powerful signature personal stories which will help you close better and generate greater income.

    Q: Do I have to have a full presentation already prepared before I attend Crush The Stage?

    A: Not at all. If you have a presentation that you’re used to giving it will change drastically as a result of VCTS. If you don’t have a presentation, you will learn how to build one from the ground up AND you’ll be responsible for delivering a final presentation to your peers on the last day of VCTS.
    Q: Does Delatorro actually teach VCTS or do I learn from his past students?

    A: You’ll be sick of Delatorro by lunch on the first day you get so much of him! :) Just kidding. But YES, Delatorro teaches a large portion of VCTS. However, Delatorro also does invite his top alumni students, mentors and professional colleges to jump in and make cameo appearances to add value, spice and surprise to the training. And the fact that CTS is virtual, makes it so easy for Delatorro to call on his super-friends to pop in and add bonus value.

    Q: What happens between now and the class actually starting?

    A: As soon as you register for Virtual Crush The Stage, the transformation begins! Can you hear the Autobot music playing in the background? LOL. No seriously, as soon as you register for VCTS we start to market your participation to your 50K SM following, we send you training content to review, we send you links to bonus trainings to digest and we send you a 4-part video training to make sure you are 100% prepared to attend Crush The Stage! Additionally, you will receive a PRIORITY MAIL CARE PACKAGE in the physical mail that will set you up for massive success.

    Q: What’s the schedule like during the 3 days of VCTS?

    A: It’s Ninja! You’re going to feel like you’re back in college, says many of my top students. We go from 8am to about 7pm each day - Thursday through Saturday. We take 20 minute brain breaks and 1-hour lunch breaks however we do require that you’re on-camera the entire time just as Delatorro will be. You can dress business casual the first 2 days of CTS and then on the final day we ask that you dress business professional. Get plenty of sleep beforehand, because VCTS is a 36-Hour Immersion into the Speaking World!

    Q: I’ve participated in the webinar, I’ve read these questions and I still just need to speak with someone. How can I speak with someone from Delatorro’s core Leadership team?

    A: Fantastic! We love to talk to our prospective clients LIVE. So please call us at 215-882-2412 and ask for Gina Falco - Delatorro’s Project Manager and Student Liason for Virtual Crush The Stage! You can also email her at or 

    Terms: I understand this is a special offer with very limited capacity and Platinum Performance Global, LLC has a 3-day refund policy. Any request for a refund after the 3rd day of the initial purchase will be denied. There is a 10% service fee if cancelled within the time allowed. All charges will appear as Platinum Performance Global, LLC. Payment Plan: If a payment plan outside of what’s listed on this page is selected and approved by Delatorro McNeal, processing fees of 4% are included and payments are in 14-day increments with the first payment taken today. Any cancellation request due to client’s inability to complete the agreed upon payment plan or an Act of God or class size diminishing too small to facilitate a good training, will result in all monies credited to a future Crush The Stage event, but no cash, check or credit card refunds will be given. By enrolling you agree to all of these terms.
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